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Upgrading from the cold spoon trick to an under-eye routine that works long-term is definitely a good habit. 


The top four causes behind less-than bright eyes? Discoloration, puffiness, thin skin, and strain from staring at your screen for too long.


Thanks to the potent blend of ingredients, this hydrating cream addresses all four issues in a single sweep. Cedar bark extract increases microcirculation and prevents blood vessels from pooling and causing discoloration while green coffee bean helps to increase collagen and rebuild the thickness of your skin. Kukui nut oil provides intense hydration without looking greasy to minimize the look of fine, dry lines, while hyaluronic acid locks all of this goodness in for long term hydration. Goodhabit's BLU5 technology reduces dark circles caused by straining your eyes from extended screen time.

A cooling metal tip ensures this active-packed formula goes on feeling even better than the cold spoon trick! This dual approach to under-eye care makes dark circles and puffiness a thing of the past and puts bright eyes in your future.

Goodhabit Bright Eye Awake Cream

SKU: GH0018
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