Color Fresh is an extremely versatile, gentle conditioning color enhancer with acidic pH. It is ideal for refreshing color in between services and for color correction.

➢ Quick, easy, ammonia–free color enhancer.
➢ No peroxide, acidic pH. 

➢Up to 30% grey coverage.

➢5-20 minutes development time depending on shade intensity required.


Insta Recharge is a professional powder root concealer exclusively designed to preserve the beauty of your color in-between salon color services.Smart brush for instant and seamless low mess application, lasting until the next wash

  • Regrowth Concealing

  • Highlights Extension

  • Easy to use, but still precise 

  • Easy to integrate into color & No Damage 

  • Color enhancer

  • Optical Thickening/Filling

  • Eyebrow Definition

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