Slimming and Contouring Cream

Using the latest technology, this firming body cream helps diminish thighs, hips, abdomen, buttocks and even loose skin under the chin, all while toning and smoothing the skin.

Results you will see:

Reduce the fatty look of cellulite

Smoothes + Firms Skin

1.5” from waist
Neck and chin toning

Reduce double chin

Lift sagging arm skin


(Reg. Price $153)

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Cellulite and Skin Tone

- When used twice a day, Body of Knowledge was able to reduce the waist an average of almost 2 inches compared to control subjects.

- For hips, 80% of the test subjects saw a reduction in hip circumference in 60 days without a change in diet, and approximately 65% of patients showed measurable improvement after 28 days.

- In clinical trials, 95% of panelists reported less evident skin nodules and 75% a reduction in the “orange peel” look of cellulite.

How to use Body of Knowledge?

Massage onto body, legs, chest and neck twice a day for a minimum of 30 days making sure that no excess remains. Wash hands after applying. Body of Knowledge® is non-greasy, allowing you to dress immediately after application.

Achieve faster and greater results combing Body of Knowledge with our Infrared Body WrapThis body treatment is a cellulite and weight loss boosting system that utilizes dry brushing, an infrared heating blanket and body massage with specialized products to stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation.

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