Marlene has been an essential part of the Dieci Lifestyle Spa family for the past 11 years. With 30 years experience, she is an expert in the skin care industry. Marlene completed her aesthetic education in France, which is a four-year program equivalent to four years of college in this country. She has studied all aspects of esthetic and clinical treatments. She undertook apprenticeship at many European Spas, where she worked with medical professionals, learning techniques such as Balneotherapy (the therapeutic use of waters and baths), Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Drainage (medical massage).


Her training in all aspects of spa services and treatments qualified her to manage Harrold Skin Care Center on Madison Avenue in New York. She opened her first full service salon in Livingston in 1980, and a total Day Spa in Atlantic City in 1991.


In 1996 she joined Dieci Lifestyle Spa as spa director and esthetician, and has developed a training program for the staff in all the Spa Therapies. She has been a trainer in Spa Therapies for Destination and Day Spas. She appeared on TV 40 in South Jersey and on local stations, as well as the Sally Jesse Raphael show, to speak about skin care. She has contributed articles in skin care to professional journals in the industry. She has worked with plastic surgeons, performing pre and post surgery skin treatments.


She is also a member on the International Spa Association and attends as many seminars as she can to keep up with the demand of the spa industry. Marlene is available to provide all spa services, customized facials, acne control, chemical peels, anti-aging treatments, Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent and Aromatherapy Synergy.


"I am always here to answer to the needs of the clients, to treat their skin as well as I treat my own skin, and while in my company to create an experience that not only addresses their skin and body, but also touch their soul."


Marlene Habermann

Spa Director


Dieci Lifestyle Spa
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