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Have you heard of Manual Lymph Drainage or MLD? 

When should I get MLD?

Prior to Surgery: Pre Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage sessions are completed prior to having a surgical procedure in order to optimize your post operative recovery. Pre-Op MLD sessions reduce lymphatic congestion, fluid retention and inflammation and improve immune system function, leading to a more favorable surgical outcome. 

​After Surgery: Post Surgical sessions are recommended whenever your surgeon clears you to receive treatment. Post- Op MLD is useful in reducing swelling, inflammation, bruising and pain in order to optimize your post operative recovery and to reduce the risk of complications.

Perinatal: (Fertility/Prenatal/Postpartum)

This MLD massage caters to your needs before and throughout pregnancy your pregnancy journey and beyond. We have a specially designed pregnancy table with an opening in the center to cradle your growing belly. You can also be placed in comfortable positions with the use of bolsters and pillows. 

This Perinatal MLD session includes facial drainage as sinuses can swell and there can be nasal congestion.

For Improved Wellness:

MLD clears your lymphatic system to reduce swelling, bloating, excess "water weight", inflammation, and pain and can improve immune system function. This is the ideal choice when dealing with health concerns, starting or boosting a fitness regime, recovering from air travel, training for or recovering from a race or preparing for a big event such as a wedding or photo shoot.



MLD is beneficial for stress reduction and when experiencing emotional strain, depression or anxiety. It is a light, gentle, soothing and relaxing modality. Regardless of the reason you are having and MLD session, you will inevitably feel profoundly relaxed afterward. 

Abdominal Pain, Discomfort & Bloating:

Targeted treatment of the abdomen like lymphatic drainage can help flatten your belly and provide relief of constipation and fluid retention. *This service is not recommended to receive if you have any type of hernia, severe diastasis recti, acute illness, severe gastrointestinal disease, or any other severe health condition.

Procedures that benefit from MLD:

  • VIVACE- Micro-needling

  • Motus- Laser Hair Removal

  • Physiq- Body Contouring




  • PRP Injections

  • Most cosmetic procedures

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