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Body Treatments 


Body Scrubs
Lavender Sugar Glow  
(80 minutes) $175

A soothing body scrub and massage. A lavender sugar scrub deeply exfoliates the skin to leave it soft and hydrated. After a shower, you’ll experience a fully-body lavender lotion massage, leaving you calm and your skin soft and supple.


Sea Salt Scrub
(50 minutes) $115

This Sea Salt Scrub offers invigorating stress relief to tired muscles while removing rough, dry skin. Incorporating the benefits of Avocado oil and silica it moisturizes and re-mineralizes the skin. This treatment is ideal for removing a faded tan or to rejuvenate parched, dehydrated dry skin.


Honey Almond Body Polish
(50 minutes) $115

A luxurious and gentle exfoliation. Let us lift your spirits with the aroma of honey and almond, while this creamy defoliant gently removes dry skin. Natural oils and botanical extracts are present to help nourish your skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft and smooth. This treatment is perfect for those with sensitive skin.


Antioxidant Green Tea Body Scrub
(50 minutes) $115

Green tea combined with nourishing Sea Salt deeply exfoliated dead skin cells. This treatment also increases blood circulation, revealing glowing new skin, while crisp notes of aromatic fragrance of green tea linger on the body to create a feeling of renewal.

Slimming Treatments
Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap  
(50 minutes) $125

The mineral content and magnetic action of seaweed and high concentration of essential oils are known for their action in stimulating the lymphatic system, which helps to release fluid and eliminate toxins from the body. This treatment minimizes the appearance of cellulite, increases circulation, and results in weight loss. For best results, a series of 5 to 7 are recommended.


Infrared Body Wrap 
(80 minutes) $150

This body treatment is a cellulite and weight loss boosting system that utilizes dry brushing, an infrared heating blanket and body massage with specialized products to stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation. This forces the body to use stored fat as energy to fuel the body. The treatment is relaxing, detoxifying, and can help start you on the road to permanent weight loss.* In one treatment, you can lose an average of 2-5 pounds and burn an average of 1,000 or more calories. A series of 7 treatments are recommended for optimum results.

Body Wraps
Italian Volcanic Mud Wrap
(50 minutes) $125

Experience the healing benefits of Fango "mud" from the nutrient rich earth of Italy in this Dieci Signature Treatment. Warm heated mud is applied all over the body and you are wrapped in warm blankets. The soothing warmth stimulates circulation and induces perspiration to rid the body of toxins. This treatment is great for those suffering from upper body and back pain, and can be effective pain management for rheumatism in joints and muscles. After a warm shower, your treatment ends with an application of a soothing lotion.


Green Tea Body Wrap
(50 minutes) $125

This herbal body wrap harnesses the power of green tea known for its antioxidant properties and powerful detoxifying effects. Your body is wrapped in a reparative cocoon with a blend of replenishing botanical oils like safflower, sesame, and vitamin E that soften and hydrate the skin. Skin is left nourished with a more youthful appearance.


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