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Paul Gaglioti began his career as a hair stylist in the 1970s. He was determined as a young man to always strive to be “the best at his craft” and he wasn’t afraid to seek out the best mentors in the industry. Early in his career he worked in New Jersey during the day and then traveled into NYC at night, training under the iconic Paul Mitchell and he also had the privilege of assisting on stage with Vidal Sassoon.


Paul quickly made a name for himself as a precision hair stylist and he was recognized and regarded highly by his contemporaries. As a young dynamic stylist, he became a salon owner and directed his focus on training and mentoring his own eager staff. He is a true visionary who was intrigued by the next generation and how they would contribute to the culture of beauty. Paul developed an in- salon training program that has flourished for decades creating hundreds of viable, life long careers for his dedicated staff of well over one hundred strong.


Along with his wife Marie Messina Gaglioti, Paul has embarked onto a new journey which has taken him to be a part of the next wave of growth in the beauty and wellness arena, an eco-friendly, sustainable retreat for men. Paul knew that there is an increasing male audience that is responding favorably to salon/ spa services and products and that most clients today are concerned about our environment. As an innovator and Salon Industry leader, he knew that creating such a venue was an opportunity to expand his business, while providing services that will give the male clients a competitive advantage.

Marie Messina Gaglioti began her career in the beauty industry in the mid 1980’s as a makeup artist while attending Montclair State College where she was an art major. She also met and married her husband Paul Gaglioti during that time as well. They have been working together every day since their first meeting, and as a team, they built their current businesses first Dieci Lifestyle Spa in 1995, then Dieci Colori Cosmetics 2003 and Dieci Uomo, Salon for Men 2013.


Marie contributed to the overall design and interior decorating of both locations and she was instrumental in researching green building practices for their most recent location, Dieci Uomo. She led the men’s salon project by creating an Eco-Friendly green retreat following standards set by LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This Green Building Rating System is a third-party certification program and is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings.


Dieci Colori Cosmetics was created by Marie in early 2003, after nearly two decades as a makeup artist. She wanted to provide a client friendly line that features an array of wearable, hypoallergenic formulas and classic shades. Since its inception, the makeup collection has evolved into a line that hosts mostly mineral products which boasts healthier, more natural ingredients. In addition Marie created a new and innovative Skin Care Collection which was introduced in 2012.Each product in the line has beneficial ingredients and it can be used by men, women and young adults. Visit for details.

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