Prices for our team are based on their years of experience and
advanced education. Prices will increase based on
experience and services provided or added.

Note: All massages will have a mandatory
7% NJ sales Tax added at check out.



$115/$150 (50/80min)


Bask in comfort with a combination of Shiatsu, Swedish and deep tissue techniques. This customizable full body massage starts with warm oil gently massaged into the skin to target pressure points, increase circulation, and release tension. Breathe in the scents of our aromatherapy treatment to balance the effects of the mind and body to increase overall health and wellness.



$70 (25min)


Targeting the back, neck and shoulders, this massage is ideal if you're short on time. A combination of Swedish and trigger point techniques will help ease tension spots and relieve stress. You'll leave feeling renewed.



$125 (50min)


This slow, rhythmic massage helps promote healthy circulation, eliminates fatigue, reduces edema and lowers blood pressure. Our specially designed maternity massage tables cradle the contour of your changing body for maximum comfort and relaxation. Massage may be enjoyed after the first trimester.



$125/$160 (50/80min)


Unwind and experience a state of relaxation like no other with this full body massage while warm stones glide over achy, stressed muscles in a rhythmic pattern. The stones' soothing energy help warm the muscles, helping break up knots, and melt away tension.



$135/$175 (50/80min)


This muscle melting deep pressure massage repairs stiff muscles caused from sport activities. A mentholated therapeutic cream can be applied and penetrated deep into the muscles with specialized massage strokes, helping to release constricted areas. This deep pressure massage is ideal for athletes or those wishing a stronger touch.





$65 (25min)


Reflexology is the application of pressure, stretch and massage to the feet to effect corresponding parts of the body as the feet are viewed as a mirror image of the body. By applying this technique, a reflexologist can break up patterns of stress in other parts of the body leaving you relaxed and in balance.



$125 (50min)


Lymphatic massage is a soft tissue massage centering around the lymph nodes and throughout the body to rid the body of toxins and excess fluid in the tissue, as well as increasing circulation.



$125 (50min)


This restorative and therapeutic massage helps relieve stress after pregnancy. This treatment will assist in eliminating excess water in the body, promotes healing and harmony after the birth of your baby.



$125/$160 (50/80min)


Leave your work stress behind. This strong and firm massage includes hot packs that are placed along your back to provide a relaxed and therapeutic effect on the body. The combination of heat and light to moderate pressure makes this massage ideal for those with sore muscles.



$90 (60min) *LIMITED TIME


A therapeutic treat to combat the winter and chase the blues away. Magnesium is an essential mineral that is vital to maintain balance and good health. When combined with a deep full body massage, it helps promote energy and a healthy immune system. It also soothes muscle tension and provides deep relaxation

$90 (60min) *LIMITED TIME


Cannabidoil (CBD) is a cannabis compound that is a non-pyschoactive and has been used for it's natural anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, pain relieving and nerve calming effects. This special massage helps reduce tension by relaxing the muscles, helps chronic pain, reduces inflammation, and provides relief from joint pain. It is the perfect way to calm you mentally as it alleviates anxiety and stress. This provides an amazing experience to not only boost your mood, but to also reconnect your body and mind while keeping your skin soft and supple.