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An intensely nourishing sleep mask/moisturizer hybrid that taps into your skin’s nightly regenerative cycle to detox your complexion from the harmful effects of blue light overexposure.

The most optimal time for your products to work their magic? During your skin's nightly regenerative cycle from 11 PM to 4 AM, where your body is creating new skin cells and repairing existing damage. This overnight mask-moisturizer hybrid goes to work using our BLU5 technology to undo blue light damage from the day and tap into your skin's natural regeneration cycle for some serious repair. Ceramides hydrate both instantly and over time, while evening primrose oil locks in moisture, and niacinamide strengthens the skin's barrier. Bakuchiol, a gentle plant-based retinol, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles so you wake up with a plump, youthful glow.

Goodhabit Rest+ Reset Mask & Moisturizer

SKU: GH0017
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