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Shiny Smears

Dieci Colori Cosmetics 


INSIDE Dieci Colori

Marie Gaglioti

Marie began her career as an artist in her early twenties, first as an art student in college then as a makeup artist in a very busy salon in northern N.J. She used the knowledge she attained from her art education throughout her makeup career. Her application techniques were developed with a direct connection to art theory especially in contouring, color pairing and dimensional shading.

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President of Dieci Colori Cosmetics
and Co-owner of Dieci Lifestyle Spa

She worked on hundreds of brides and bridal guests over her career and her clients were constantly making claims that their “makeup stayed on until the next day!” She became known for the artistic quality of her work, and the most remarkable long-wear ability of the makeup itself. Marie attributes the tools used to apply the makeup and the specific way the colors were layered as the key to a long lasting makeup application.

As she continued to work on many very influential clients, professional women, as well as the local socialites she wanted to provide them with the most innovative services available in the makeup arena. Marie then trained to provide Permanent makeup for her clients and her specialty was in creating the perfect eyebrows! She became known as the eyebrow queen from tweezing and reshaping their brows and permanently applying color to them.


"Hundreds of Brides and Bridal Guests..."

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Marie then researched the area in cosmetics that embraces the needs of those that have discoloration or disfigurement of the skin called Camouflage Makeup. She read about a woman who was using special makeup that was waterproof and could be custom blended  to an identical match of the clients skin to cover problem areas. Marie studied in Ohio under an expert in the field and became certified in Camouflage Makeup.

Many local Plastic Surgeons referred clients to Marie over the years , for her to make custom makeup for their patients that had discoloration concerns due to accidents, injuries and bruising from post-operative procedures. Marie gave lectures and taught  camouflage makeup techniques to men, women and children to help them get through  the recovery time required after injuries that resulted in a change in their appearance.

After approximately 16 years of makeup service, Marie then decided to put together her own makeup line. After guiding her clients through each season year after year of color and texture changes in the color cosmetic world, and listening to their concerns and mis-information about makeup in general, it became evident that it was important for Marie to put together her own  collection. She developed Dieci Colori Cosmetics in 2003.


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Freestyle Gallery: Move pictures & Click to expand.

"She became known as the eyebrow queen..."

Marie put together a makeup line that was client friendly. Several clients voiced confusion with other brands as to the appropriate placement of colors. They were also unsure and even uncomfortable using certain textures on their skin. Each product in the Dieci Colori line identifies exactly where it is intended to be used and the texture of the product.

The collection has classic colors that women of all ages can work with easily. As new innovations in makeup evolved, Marie began to introduce more and more Mineral products into her line, and today 90 % of the products are made with skin enhancing minerals and they are Paraben Free…makeup that is good for the skin!

Dieci Colori cosmetics can be purchased on line at and Marie has trained several makeup artists that are available to provide lessons and they can assist clients with selecting the perfect colors to enhance their own beauty. Marie oversees all the training and does special events and appearances throughout the year. Learn more about our makeup team.

Marie has also done makeup on talent from the music industry, television media, actresses and some of the local “House Wives of N.J.” have had their makeup done with the Dieci Colori brand as well. However, Marie believes that all of her clients are “celebrities; they are the true VIP’s that helped establish her brand.

"Marie believes that all  her clients are celebrities..."

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