$50 (25min)


Hands are dipped into a lavender aromatherapy infusion to soften the cuticles and hands. An exfoliation with natural humectant properties of sugar and pure essential oil of lavender are used from your elbows to your finger tips to remove dead cells and rejuvenate the skin.


After a classic manicure, a soothing lavender emulsion is massaged into the skin. This relaxing experience is completed with a color polish of your choice.



$50 (25min)


Your manicure begins by soaking the hands in an anti-oxidant cocktail of green tea and essential oil of lemongrass to soften the hands and condition the cuticles. Arms and hands are gently exfoliated with a green tea exfoliant to rejuvenate the skin.


After a classic manicure, enjoy a luxurious massage of the arms and hands using a green tea body cream loaded with vitamin E to nourish the skin. A perfect polish completes this spa manicure.



$80 (50min)


Feet are bathed in a lavender soak then exfoliated from knees to toes with a blend of natural sugar granules and pure essential oil of lavender. Warm steamy towels are applied to the feet over a glycolic extract of seaweed and essential oil of rosemary designed to remineralize and soften rough skin and calluses.


After a meticulous grooming of the nails, rich melted lavender body butter is smoothed onto the skin from the knees to the feet, followed by a warm stone massage from your calves to the soles of your feet. A polish of your choice completes the lavender anti-stress pedicure journey.



$80 (50min)


Your treatment begins with soaking your feet in a luxurious green tea solution infused with essential oil of lemongrass. Then, a gentle non-abrasive green tea exfoliate is applied to remove dead skin cells from your knees to your toes. Next a glycolic extract of seaweed and essential oil of rosemary is applied to enable our technician to remove all calluses and render the feet baby soft.


After complete nail and cuticle care, green tea body butter containing Melissa essential oil is smoothed onto the skin. Relax as you enjoy a warm soothing stone massage from your calves to the sole of your feet, followed by the application of the polish color of your choice.