Stephanie Marfia

Senior Colorist

Stephanie has been a colorist since 1991 and has been with Dieci Lifestyle Spa since 1995. She has received an extensive color education at Dieci Lifestyle Spa as well as other industry color workshops. Stephanie does not limit herself in her creativity and is diverse in all aspects of color.

Donna Capetta

Senior Colorist

Donna has been in the industry since 1998 and began at Dieci Lifestyle Spa in 1999. She has had extensive training in and out of the salon. Donna has attended many classes in color correction, blonding, dimensional color and trends in color. She is well versed in all aspects of hair coloring, including one process to multi process color, highlighting and color correction. She enjoys making her clients feel special and providing beautiful hair color that looks natural.

Kimberly Marucci

Senior Colorist

Kimberly began her career in the beauty industry in 1995 and joined Dieci Lifestyle Spa in 2001. Kimberly has a diverse background in the color field and has developed an extensive education in color correction, dimensional color, versatile color, foil highlighting and low lighting, corrective color and single processes. Kimberly carefully incorporates color to enhance their overall appearance. She has a wide range of insight and knowledge with several color lines that include Wella and Goldwell. Due to Kim's years of experience and expertise in hair color, she has been selected by hair color manufacturers to work on product development for their up-and-coming trends.

Holly Bucco

Senior Colorist

Since 2005 Holly has been a part of the Dieci Color Room team. She always knew her passion was for coloring hair and has completed extensive classes through the years with top colorists such as, Alexandra Matiz and Soyna Dove.
She prides herself on making sure that she is up to date on the latest trends in hair color as well as all aspects of the industry. She loves hair painting, foil highlighting and has always found a strong love for blondes of all shades. She also has a great eye for dimensional brunettes and she is an expert at covering grey hair! She prides herself on helping clients find the most complimentary hair color. Holly is available for all color services

Diana Volpe

Senior Colorist

Diana started her career in the beauty industry and also at Dieci Lifestyle Spa in 2002. Flexible in her abilities, she specializes in highlighting, creative and dimensional hair color, and single processes. Diana continuously aims to achieve the latest trends in hair color for her clients. Diana is available for all hair color services offered.

Ariana Martins

Advanced Colorist

Ariana started at Dieci Lifestyle Spa in 2010 as a Hair Color apprentice. She has been trained in all aspects of hair coloring techniques such as Single Process Color, Highlights, Color Correction and Ombre. She has successfully completed several Advanced Hair Color Classes in NYC and she considers herself to be a perfectionist when it come to her craft. She has an appreciation for natural looking hair color as well as a flair for trendy color! She is most focused on pleasing her clients and providing superb customer service.

Gaby Valladares

Advanced Colorist

Gaby is a bright and knowledgeable colorist at Dieci Lifestyle Spa. She began in the salon industry in 2008 and joined Dieci in 2010. Gaby understands the ever-changing trends of the industry and makes sure to further her career by continuously taking color courses. Services provided by Gaby include single process, highlighting, corrective color and double process. Her specialty is highlighting, specifically those of brunettes.


Senior Colorists
Advanced Colorists
Tracy Walsh

Master Colorist

Color Department Director

Some of the most brilliant hair color in New Jersey and New York comes from the inspired hands of Tracy Walsh, Color Director at Dieci Lifestyle Spa. She has a fresh approach to color by looking at the client’s style, complexion and haircut before making a recommendation. Her expertise is color correction and she knows how to ease grateful clients into major color changes. 

Tracy found her niche with the Dieci family in 1992 and has worked tirelessly to build an unparalleled reputation for color since she began her career in 1986. She is frequently the “go-to gal” for Wella and Clairol color stage performances as well as product development. As the color department director, she mentors the staff, both seasoned and new, sharing her passion and creativity for hair color. Several hair colorists throughout the metropolitan area owe their training and expertise to Tracy Walsh. 

Master Colorist


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